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For secure automation processes

Bedrock Automation released a software upgrade for configuration and run of the company’s OSA secure controllers. Support for CANopen and J1939 was added.

OSA Remote control system for rugged and secure applications (Source: Bedrock Automation)

The recent firmware impacts the functionality of the OSA (Open Secure Automation) control system scalable to support thousands of I/Os, OSA Remote control system, and the OSA Remote +Flow system for flow computing and process control. The enhancements simplify and improve Scada redundancy, enable TLS (telemetry transport secured) support for MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) Sparkplug, simplify flow meter proving, and assist in diagnosing of motors.

The latest control firmware in the OSA Remote supports the J1939 and CANopen connectivity, which extends open secure automation for control and factory automation. Using the J1939 interface, for example, the controller can be configured as an RTU (remote terminal unit) to read the rotational speed from motors to diagnose their performance.

The OSA Remote controller acts as an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) gateway equipped with 30 security technologies to intrinsically secure the edge to the cloud. The R10 and R20 models provide ten respectively 20 configurable, channel-isolated, and remote I/Os. The free Bedrock Engineering IDE (integrated development environment) software tools allow to develop and test automation applications. The tools support IEC-61131 programming, embedded simulation, and online trainings. Security elements such as a secure RTOS, authenticated supply chain, remote updates, authenticated messages, and anti-counterfeit protection ensure the secure aspects of the control application. The metal-cased device is based on a dual-core ARM Cortex processor and includes a 512-MiB RAM as well as a 32-GiB or 64-GiB non-volatile Flash memory. The operating temperature can range from -40 °C to +80 °C. Software configurable overcurrent limiting protects against field faults. The fail-safe mode holds the last device value during a communication failure.


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