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Stackable computer

CAN physical layer module

The M5stack Chinese company has developed a tiny modular computer. With the CA‑IS3050G module it can be connected with other CAN devices.

The CAN interface module provides galvanic isolation by means of a DC/DC converter (Source: M5stack)

The Chinese company manufactures 5 cm x 5 cm computer modules, which are stackable similar to the Lego building block toys. The range of modules comprises MCU modules, sensor modules, I/O modules, tiny display, gateway, and interface modules. Some of the micro-controllers implemented on the MCU modules provide an integrated CAN protocol controller. To connect them with other CAN devices, the manufacturer offers a CAN interface module. This allows to design decentralized control systems.

CAN module contains the CA-IF1051VS high-speed, ISO 11898-2 compatible CAN transceiver by CiA member Chipanalog (China). The built-in DC-DC isolated power chip can isolate noise and interference and prevent damage to sensitive circuits. The CAN interface module can be connected to up to 110 nodes. It features transmission rates up to 1 Mbit/s. It has current limiting, over-voltage, grounding loss protection (– 40 V to +40 V), and thermal shutdown functions.


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