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Elinta Motors (Lithuania) develops and manufacturers parts for the drivetrain of commercial and special-purpose vehicles. These parts provide CAN connectivity.

Vehicle control unit (VCU) for electric and plug-in hybrid drivetrains (Source: Elinta Motors)

Elinta Motors, a new CiA member, offers the shown VCU coming with four Classical CAN interfaces running up to 1 Mbit/s. It provides 18 local inputs and 17 local outputs. The product is based on a dual-processor by STMicroelectronics. The housing is IP6k9k protected. Program download is possible via CAN or USB.

The Lithuanian company also provides motor controllers with a CAN interface. The inverter devices utilize indirect FOC motor drive algorithm and active switching overshoot protection. The DC link voltage can go up to 480 V and the maximum phase current is specified as 630 S (peak).

Motor controller with IGBT modules by Infineon (Source: Elinta Motors)

Other products include an input/output unit, which can be used as e-brake controller, CAN interface module, gearbox unit, etc. The IP67-rated device features two CAN interfaces. There is also a CAN gateway module in the company’s portfolio. It is equipped with four CAN ports, four analog/digital inputs, and four low-power outputs. The gateway can link Elinta’s powertrain devices to add-on units such as immobilizer, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) sub-systems, lane-assistance units, brake controllers, etc. It has been applied to vehicles from Iveco, Mercedes, MAN, and Volkswagen. Another product is a 7-kW stand-alone coolant and heater sub-system also connectable to CAN networks. It features and integrated pump. Additionally, the company has developed an acoustic vehicle alerting device. The CAN-based module has an integrated loudspeaker and come in an IP65-rated housing.


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