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Controller and data logger

Versatile IoT platform

The RapidM2M C3 from Microtronics is dedicated for remote control, automation, and control tasks in the control cabinet.

RapidM2M C3 unites controller, data logger, and IoT platform with integrated operation in one device (Source: Microtronics)

The device includes a PLC (programmable logic controller), router, firewall, and enables data transmission to the web platform. Process-related requirements are already pre-implemented, which minimizes the solution integration effort. Via the analog input (4 mA to 20 mA), data from analog sensors and signal transmitters can be acquired. CAN, EIA-232, and EIA-485 interfaces enable communication with machines, control units, or sensors with digital interfaces. Further control tasks and remote control can be realized with the relay outputs. With the extension module RapidM2M C3e 12UI/2Rel, the base unit is enlarged by twelve universal inputs as well as two potential-free switching contacts for controlling actuators. The module RapidM2M C3e 3mA/6Rel adds three analog outputs and six relays.

The device can be configured via IoT (Internet of Things) apps. Demo IoT apps are available for numerous applications. Development of customized IoT apps via the RapidM2M Studio is also possible.

The unit is integrated into the IoT platform without additional effort, said the manufacturer. Alerts, dashboards, and reports can be created in minutes, adds the company. Updates of firmware, applications, and configurations are carried out remotely using a web login. Configurations are stored in the IoT app as blueprints. This reduces the commissioning time and the susceptibility to errors with several similar installations. Integration into further systems can be implemented via web interfaces such as Restful API or OPC-UA.


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