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Two CAN controllers and one battery charger

In June, Axiomatic Technologies has published several press releases regarding CAN-based products added to their portfolio. These include CAN controllers as well as a battery charger.

The AX1800X0 controller can be networked to J1939 (Source: Axiomatic)

The company developed controllers that accept seven universal signal inputs. The AX1800X0 7 supports seven universal signal, three RTD inputs, as well as two digital outputs and can be networked to a J1939 or Modbus TCP/IP serial bus system (in Model AX180000 only). The rugged power supply accepts 12 VDC or 24 VDC nominal and operates from -40 °C to +85 °C. The control algorithms allow the user to program the controller for a range of applications without the need for custom software, explained the company. Protections on this IP20-rated unit include forward and reverse polarity protection, transient protection, and short circuit to ground protection. The enclosure is DIN rail mount. This controller is suited for applications such as industrial control panels, power gen set engine control systems, oil and gas equipment automation, and machine automation.

The AX030570 is a CAN controller with one resistive output (Source: Axiomatic)

Furthermore, the company has developed a CAN controller with one resistive output. The AX030570 is a system interfacing module that converts a CAN signal into a resistive signal. It allows analog systems to be interfaced to CAN-based engine or machine control units. A typical application would be emulating an analog joystick or potentiometer. This unit features one resistive output and accepts 12-V or 24-V input power. It communicates through J1939 with auto-bit-rate detection. The CANopen model is also available upon request. Its IP67-rated rugged enclosure and conformal coated PCB (printed circuit board) allows for use in harsh environments.

The AX090690 unit charges two 12 VDC, 1,2 A lithium batteries while the battery status is communicated via CAN (Source: Axiomatic)

Another release of the company is a dual 12 VDC, 1,2-A Lithium-ion battery charger suited for use in harsh conditions. The AX090690 has a typical efficiency rating of 89 %. The battery charge status is communicated over CAN. Protections on this IP67-rated unit include reverse voltage protection, surge protection, under- and over-voltage shutdown, short circuit and overcurrent protection, and thermal protection for overtemperature. The battery charger is suitable for lithium-ion battery charging applications on vehicle CAN-based systems, such as mining equipment, off-highway equipment, fire trucks, and municipal vehicles.


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