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Innotrans 2022

Embedded system for railway applications

Syslogic is offering AI-assisted (artificial intelligence) embedded computers for rolling stock/transportation. The company presents these at Innotrans in September. The RML A3 AI railway computer is a NVIDIA Jetson based embedded system and provides two CAN (FD) interfaces as an option.

According to the company, Syslogic supports customers in using NVIDIA Jetson technology in rolling stock applications (Source: Syslogic)

The company’s AI railway computers are the first NVIDIA Jetson-based systems certified and approved for the railway industry, explained the company. They are particularly suitable for use in railway vehicles, but are also used for trackside or video surveillance applications (closed-circuit television; CCTV, etc.).

The company explained: Accordingly, developers across industries are using NVIDIA Jetson developer kits as the base for their AI applications in areas like sensor fusion or inferencing. However, series production in railway technology requires robust hardware that is qualified for these types of applications. The company supports this, they continued.

The AI railway computer RML A3 meets the EN 50155 standard and features an integrated power supply with a DC input voltage range of 9 V to 45 V. This allows the railway PC to be directly connected to the vehicle power supply. Two isolated CAN (FD) interfaces are available. As a computer vision unit, the railway computer performs tasks such as object recognition, environmental perception, video analytics, or control of autonomous vehicles.

The company is part of the Innotrans 2022 (Berlin, Germany) in September and can be found in hall 27, stand 311.


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