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CAN cleaning controller for energy-from-waste plant in Dubai

Devices from Hesch Industrie-Elektronik (Germany) control the filter cleaning in the energy-from-waste (EFW) plants in the United Arab Emirates. The HE 5750 controller is the central unit in the CAN network of the cleaning control system.

Project energy-from-waste plant in Dubai: Devices from Hesch Industrie-Elektronik control the filter cleaning system (Source: Hesch Industrie-Elektronik)

Hesch, specialized in solutions for industrial automation, is a partner in a project of the two general contractors Hitachi Zosen Inova and Besix Group. Hesch explained in its press release, that in one of the world's largest plants for the generation of electricity from municipal waste, their controller ensures that the flue gas dedusting process functions and thus “keeps the air clean”. The company continued explaining, that compared to commercially-available processes, the cleaning controller from them increases the process transparency and ensures a higher availability of the filter system.

The HE 5750 system controller is the central unit in the CAN network of the cleaning control system. It communicates with the decentralized valve control units HE 5724 via CAN. (Source: Hesch Industrie-Elektronik)

CAN cleaning controller

The plant in Dubai for generating energy from waste consists of five lines. Each line uses one CAN-based HE 5750 cleaning controller from Hesch. The manager-consumer system, which is designed for the operation of large-scale plants, automates the monitoring processes of the cleaning valve and filter functions, thus ensuring the functionality of the plant. As the central unit in the CAN network, the HE 5750 manager coordinates 12 decentralized HE 5724 valve controllers (via CAN). The sensors of the integrated hose rupture monitoring system constantly control the dust load in the pure gas channel of the filter outlet. Thus, defective filter elements can be detected. According to Hesch, in this way, error-free operation is guaranteed at all times and, in the event of a hose rupture, a message is generated with the exact position of the damaged hose row. The measurement and control technology contributed by Hesch for the cleaning process of the EfW plant, is completed by devices for the measurement and control of the differential pressure.

Partnership for alternative energy generation

The large-scale energy-from-waste plant will be put into operation in 2024 and will then convert 5000 tons of municipal waste into electricity daily for about 120 000 households, said Hesch. "The cooperation with Hitachi Zosen Inova runs smoothly hand in hand. We are pleased to be part of this showcase project for renewable energy sources with our state-of-the-art cleaning controllers," explained Jens Hackmann, who is the project manager of this large-scale plant at Hesch.


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