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SPS 2022

PLC based on Arduino

Controllino, Austria, showed at the SPS 2022 tradeshow its Controllino-Neo Arduino-based host controller featuring CANopen connectivity.

The stackable host controller implements the CANopennode open-source protocol stack (Source: Controllino)

The PLC (programmable logic controller) comprises two 32-bit RP2040 micro-controllers by Raspberry Pi. It is Arduino-compatible and programmable in C and Micro-Python. The products come with eight digital outputs, four digital inputs, four analog outputs, and eight digital outputs. The I/O functionality can be extended via the CANopen interface. The Austrian supplier has selected the CANopennode open-source protocol stack featuring NMT manager capability. The CANopen modules with NMT server function are stackable. There are several plug-and-play devices available or can be developed on demand. Customers can even design their own add-on modules. Besides I/O devices, the vendor offers displays and stepper motor controllers.

The PLC uses Linux as operating system and Codesys or OpenPLC runtime systems. The product will be available beginning of 2023. Pre-orders can be done already end of 2022, said the company on the SPS fair. The Codesys support is planned for mid of 2023. For software development the Arduino IDE can be used as well as PlatformIO and other tools such as OpenPLC, for example.


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