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Fan-less PC

Low power consumption

The Picosys 2502 industrial box-PC is equipped with a range of interfaces as well as a CAN network. It offers a fan-less solution on a DIN rail mount.

The operating temperature of the unit is from 0 °C to -50 °C (Photo: ICO)

THE EMBEDDED SYSTEM'S ENERGY EFFICIENCY is delivered by the Intel Atom N2600 processor with 1,6 GHz, which is installed in fan-less systems because of its low heat output. The produced heat is delivered over the cooling fins of the housing. In order to achieve as much speed with this embedded PC, 2 GiB DDR3 RAM and a 60-GiB Solid-State-Drive (SSD) were used. The system enables a power consumption of 9 VDC to 32 VDC. Due to the decrease of mechanical components such as fans or a conventional Hard-Disk-Drive (HDD) this embedded PC is not only quiet, but also less susceptible to wear or slight vibrations.

2 GLAN (up to 2 WLAN antennas optional), 2 EIA-232/422/485, VGA, 4 USB CF, and a CAN network are part of the system. CAN is used because of its stable performance. The box-PC can be mounted on a DIN Rail or at locations under limited space conditions thanks to its dimensions of 102 mm x 50 mm x145 mm. According to the company, all common operating systems, such as Windows or Linux can be installed.

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