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CANopen PLC for wind turbines

Eaton (USA/Germany) manufactures the XC-CPU101-FC programmable logic controller (PLC), which comes with a CANopen fiber optical interface. It is designed to control and monitor both the grid supply as well as the standby supply of wind power systems.

THE GERMAN DAUGHTER COMPANY (FORMERLY MOELLER) supplies since several years the XC100 range of programmable controllers. The version dedicated for outdoor applications provide a CANopen interface using fiber-optical cables. Several wind turbines have been already equipped with the in IEC 61131-3 compliant languages programmable devices. Fiber-optical cables are used to ensure highly noise-free data transfer, even in environments with severe electromagnetic interference (EMI).

In addition to the control and monitoring of the air-conditioning, they also responsible for the management of the navigation-lights, and communicates with brightness sensors as well as the visibility meters. The manufacturer also provides the necessary CANopen I/O modules. The decentralized control systems can also be used in the nacelle of a wind turbine generator. The entire installation can thus be operated and programmed centrally as well as from a distance.

Other XC100-FC features include an integrated real-time clock as well as a slot for a multi-media memory card (MMC with standard file system). MMC allows operating system, application program or even recipe data to be updated. The XC100-FC comes with eight local digital inputs and six short-circuit-proofed outputs. Four inputs are designed as interrupt inputs, thus enabling a simple and direct response to events, irrespective of the cycle time.

The modular PLC can be expanded locally with up to 15 XIOC signal modules. A wide range of digital, analog or communication modules are available for use. The high-density XIOC I/O modules enable users to connect up to 32 I/O points even with a mounting width of only 30 mm. With the XC100/200 controllers, users can create a maximum expansion with up to 494 digital signals - with a mounting width of only 510 mm.

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