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32-bit safety controller

Ifm (Germany) has launched its 32-bit safety controller capable of sending and receiving SRDOs with CAN NMT sale devices. The product provides two safe CAN interfaces.

THE R360 CONTROLLER IS DESIGNED for safety-related applications in mobile machines. It supports CANopen and J1939 application layers for non-safety communication as well as the CANsafety protocol. The TÜV certified product is programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages and implements the Codesys runtime system. It features graded error handling. The user can define response thresholds. The safety controller can be used to switch-off completely in case of serious errors, bringing the machine into a safe state. In case of less serious errors, parts of the machine in previously defined areas can still be used. Not all components have to be switched off. Predefined functions are available for this.
The safety controller complies with PL-d (ISO 13849) and SIL-2 (IEC 62061 and IEC 61508). It comes with 16 inputs and 16 outputs or with 32 inputs and 48 outputs. The I/Os are configurable Furthermore, fail-safe inductive sensors can be connected to the controller, which supports the reception and the transmission of four SRDOs. The boot-up time and the error detection time are specified as 110 ms.

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