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Baseboard for COM Express Mini

The COMe Mini-Carrier by B-Plus (Germany) is a baseboard developed for the credit card sized COM Express Mini modules with the pin out type 10. The product features up to two CAN interfaces with termination resistor via jumper.

Preliminary depiction of the COM Express baseboard (Photo: B-Plus)

THE CARRIER OFFERS A DEDICATED COMBINATION OF INTERFACES and features for the application areas with extended temperature requirements and mobile applications. The temperature range lies between -40 °C to +85 °C and passive cooling is also a feature. It is suitable for devices, where compact dimensions (116 mm x 146 mm) with low power requirements, screw locked connectors, a wide current input and dedicated interfaces, like CAN and serial interfaces are needed. The carrier also offers an EIA 232 and an EIA 485 interface.

The product offers sockets for different performance classes of COM Express CPU modules, PCIe mini cards, SIM cards and CFast to configure the device for the particular use case. The PCIe mini card and SIM card enable wireless communication, and the product is scalable with the COM Express CPU modules. Additionally, the company offers a software API for the integration of a CAN interface and a reference case with a protection level up to IP65.

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