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Baseboard for Qseven

MSC Technologies (Germany) has presented its Q7-MB-EP6 embedded platform. The platform is the company’s first baseboard designed for the Rev. 2.0 of the Qseven specification for computer-on-modules.

The baseboard measures 148 mm x 102 mm (Photo: MSC)

THE CARRIER BOARD CAN BE USED for the development of embedded systems, but is also suited as a Qseven application board for small and medium production volumes. It implements the features of the specification Rev. 2.0. Some versions of the baseboard are available for commercial and extended temperature ranges (-40 °C to 85 °C). As an accessory, a CAN adapter board with CAN transceiver and sub-d connector and cable is available. The carrier board can be used as a test board for Qseven 2.0 modules and provides a selection of interfaces for embedded applications such as dual GiB Ethernet, four USB 2.0 ports (one as host/client), one USB 3.0 connector, two serial interfaces (one selectable as EIA 232 or as EIA 485), SATA, I2C, SM bus and I2S audio. CAN is available on a pin header; another header offers LPC or GPIO signals, depending on the used module. TFT panels can be connected directly to the JILI30 connector while the LCD’s backlight can be driven via another connector, which also provides control signals and dimming. Industrial displays can be connected to the HDMI and Displayport interfaces, which are derived from the internal graphics output signals of the module and also support Displayport++ signaling.

Functionality of the baseboard may be expanded using the two Mini PCI Express and mSATA slots, e.g. for WLAN modules or Flash storage expansion cards. Mini PCI Express cards may be full-sized or half-sized cards. The integrated slot for MMC/SD cards enables use as memory for program or data storage. The Qseven slot of the platform is placed on the solder side of the baseboard, making it easy to thermally connect the heat spreader to a metal enclosure and provide fan-less heat dissipation.

With its set of interfaces the board is suited as a test and development platform for all Qseven 2.0 modules like the ones with the new Intel Atom processor platform E3800 (previously code-named „BayTrail“). Also, the available Q7-IMX6 with ARM Cortex-A9 CPU Freescale i.MX6 can be operated on this platform board and will then feature a second serial interface, which Qseven Rev. 1.2 baseboards are not able to supply.

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