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Body control module with multiple functions

Continental (Germany) is planning to provide body domain control modules with up to four micro-controllers and CAN interfaces by 2015. The module will integrate all the body control functions in a single unit.

THE CONTROL MODULES WILL HAVE also interfaces such as LIN (Local Interconnect Network), Flexray, and Ethernet. They combine the functionality of todays multiple ECUs (electronic control unit). This feature brings together the control of the comfort access system, the central control module, the light control module, and the gateway in one integrated computer. In this way, this ECU monitors and controls the vehicle’s exterior and interior lights, the windshield wipers, heating for the seats and outside mirrors, the access authorization system, and internal vehicle data communication.
“The constant increasing range of functions means that future vehicle generations require electronic architectures that offer better performance and greater flexibility," explains Andreas Wolf from Continental. "Our developers aim to reduce system costs by up to 30 %, in comparison to previous decentralized solutions with a greater maximum variety of functions. To make this happen, we are drawing on current electronics standards and the Autosar architecture (automotive open system architecture).”

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