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Flight controller with Arinc 825 interface

Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems (CWCES), has introduced the Versatile Flight Control Computer (VFCC). The low-power conduction-cooled embedded processing system is optimized for size, weight, power and cost. It is designed for airborne applications. The rugged dual-processor clusters make the VFCC suitable for rotorcraft, manned and unmanned aircraft environments.

THE VFCC SATISFIES APPLICATIONS INCLUDING flight controls, vibration management, engine controls, mission computing, actuator control, etc. "The ARM processor's low-power design makes it the go-to processor for mobile devices," said David Dietz working with CWCES (USA).

The computer is equipped with dual 600-MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor cluster, two TMS320C64x+ dual-DSP, and three Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGAs with 1GiB of data to non-volatile memory. The fully enclosed unit supports a wide range of configurable off-the-shelf I/O interfaces including Arinc 825, EIA-422/485, USB 2.0, Arinc 429 (receive/transmit), analog inputs with excitation outputs, a 10-mA servo valve driver, etc. The controller with a built-in test function comes in a 11,5 inch x 9,3 inch x 2,1 inch enclosure. The operating temperature is specified between -40°C up to +71°C.

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