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PLC designed for modular machine building

The XC152 host controller featuring IEC 61131-3 compatibility runs on the Windows CE 5 operating system. It is dedicated for modular machine designs and features CANopen connectivity. The device supports optionally interfaces such as the manufacturer’s Smartwire-DT, Ethernet, USB, and serial interfaces.

THE PLC COMES IN A HOUSING measuring 100 mm x 155 mm x 40 mm. It implements the Codesys PLC runtime system by 3S running on a 400-MHz, 32-bit Risc-processor. The product is equipped with a CANopen interface supporting NMT master and NMT slave functionalities. With the Smartwire-DT option, the I/O level is integrated into the switching devices enabling the PLC to access the digital and analog data directly from the control circuit device right through to the circuit-breaker. Eaton calls this concept Lean Automation. As an alternative to a combined HMI/PLC device, cost-efficient modular solutions use a high-performance PLC like the XC152 together with an external HMI. “This solution is future proof as any application extensions and/or modifications can be implemented more easily and more flexibly,” stated the company. The PLC is programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages using the Codesys-based programming environment.


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