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CANopen control system with I/O and HMI

EMG (Germany) has introduced the iCon control system with graphical 7-inch touch-screen. The DIN-rail mountable controller and peripheral devices are connected by means of CANopen.

Control unit with local I/O
THE LAUNCHED INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SYSTEM is scalable to user requirements, because different modules can be arranged on a DIN rail. The controller variants provide different performance. With the Icon I/O modules connected via CANopen the controller’s capability of 10 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs (24 VDC) is extentable. The controller also provides 12-bit analog I/Os (4 inputs and 3 outputs) including an amplifier for servo valves. There is also the iCon-VS user interface module available. The TFT display has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixel. The intuitive user interface is complemented by language switching, the alarm list and alarm management. It can be programmed by the company’s "SmartClick" configuration software, which is executable on PCs under Windows XP or Windows 7. The CANopen node-ID is selectable by a torque-switch and the CAN bit-rate is by a DIL switch. The series of products is available since January, 2013.

Display unit (left) and I/O extention module (right)



The system can seamlessly replaces previous solutions. The company offers since one decade the SPC16 and SPCcompact controllers. The developed software can be used also on the recently introduced CANopen-based controllers.

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