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Multi-function controller with four CAN ports

Epec (Finland) launched the Epec 5050 multi-function controller with four CAN ports and a 128-MHz 32-bit micro-controller. It is designed for machine control applications and is compatible to the company’s existing product portfolio.

EACH CAN CONNECTION MAY INDEPENDENTLY USE either CANopen, J1939 protocol or layer-2 CAN messages. The unit is suitable for centralized and distributed system architectures. The unit is equipped with 65 software-configurable multi-purpose I/O pins, 28 PWM outputs and switchable 5-V and 10-V supply voltages for sensors. The hardware provides a floating-point unit and signal conditioning of pulse encoders. The standard memory size up to 1 MiB may be expanded according to the customer needs. The controller is also equipped with
an ultra-fast 512 KiB for storing machine parameters or log files.
Application programming is done according to the IEC 61131-3 by using Codesys 2.3. The system and PLC configurations can be exported from company’s Multitool and be used as a project-specific code template in Codesys.
A programming manual is provided. The device is also equipped with an Ethernet interface for fast program downloading and online debugging.
The Multitool 3.0 system design and configuration tool provides means for system level design, control algorithm development, optimization and verification. It offers interfaces to select preferred programmable control units to the system and create CANopen object dictionaries (ODs) for these devices. Third party CANopen devices, such as sensors, may be added to the control system by importing EDS (electronic data sheet) or DCF (device configuration file) files from the device manufacturer to the tool project. To select the best tools for access to the communication system, the tool generates CAN databases to export data structures to third-party analyzing tools. In this way, the system settings can be re-used in order to analyze, optimize and verify the control system’s performance.
The version 3.0 of the tool is compatible with the Epec 5050, 2040 Display and EPC-i10 HMI. It requires the recently introduced CANopen library, which is downloadable from company’s Extranet. Possibility to import and open Codesys 2.3 projects as well as to export PDO (process data object) configuration tab in CSV format is given. Hardware diagnostics configuration, system status monitoring, variable and parameter handling were improved. Also renewed was the I/O configuration window. Configuration support to the CANopen and J1939 libraries was added. A list of universal-purpose libraries includes e.g. CANopenODSave (to save CANopen configuration), CANopenCSDO (for configuration of the client service data objects), CANopen_302 (for support of additional CANopen functions such as network management master etc.).

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