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Controller with a built-in TFT display

Horner APG (Ireland) produces the CAN-connectable XL4 controller with a built-in 3,5-inch color TFT touch screen, I/O-modules, a removable micro SD card and networking capability.

THE CONTROLLER SUPPORTS THE PROPRIETARY CsCAN or CANopen (coming soon) higher-layer protocols. Single-point-of-connect (only CsCAN) allows seamless communications between the PC-running Cscape or a PC visualization software Envision and any controller. Device's I/O expansion is not limited to its built-in I/Os (up to 24/16 digital I/Os and up to four/two analog I/Os). Smartstix and Smartblock are high-speed CAN-based I/O modules, which can be distributed over distances of up to 1 km. Further I/O functionality may be added via other available interfaces. The device includes a 100-Mbit/s Ethernet port with an integrated web server, FTP host and email features. Modbus as well as TCP master and slave functionality is available. Using the controller, web-apps for mobile devices may be created and logged data may be accessed.
The device includes USB ports for connection of removable Flash drives (up to 2 TiB) and for online programming allowing the logic program to be modified on-the-fly without entering stop mode. Included two-channel high-speed counter accepts frequencies exceeding 500 kHz supporting totalizing, quadrature, pulse measurement, frequency counting and setpoint-controlled outputs modes. The analog inputs (0 V to 10 V, 4 mA to 20 mA) provide 12-bit (up to 16-bit versions available) resolution.
The IP65-protected controller may be used in applications ranging from machines to mobile and process control applications. It is designed as a generic operator station, fitting in with many cabinet and console designs and color schemes. The unit may also be setup to work in a customized network.
Company's XL series offers device variants with GSM/GPRS cellular, telephone modem and radio modems. All options support remote Cscape programming, Modbus master and slave and OPC. The GSM/GPRS cellular also support Modbus/TCP slave. A GPS receiver unit is also available for mobile applications.

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