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Controllers for mobile machines

The 32-bit controllers from ifm electronic (Germany) have up to 40 multifunctional inputs and 40 outputs as well as four CAN interfaces using CANopen protocol. The units are suited for demanding control functions in mobile automation.

(Photo: ifm)

THE FOUR CAN INTERFACES SUPPORT IMPORTANT CAN-based higher-layer protocols and different bit-rates as well as the transparent and preprocessed data exchange. The heart of the controller is a 32-bit processor integrated into a compact metal housing. Device's monitoring and protection functions enable safe operation even under extreme operating conditions. The multifunctional inputs and outputs allow adjustment to the respective application using Codesys application software (IEC 61131-3). Depending on the type of input, a configuration as digital, frequency or analog input with diagnostic function or as input for resistance measurement is possible.

The controllers were designed for robust applications in vehicles and for mobile automation to reliably carry out complex and proportional functions. Thus, they offer more mobility on chains and wheels.