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Host controller and HMI for mobile machines

Jetter (Germany) has launched the JXM-TX5 controller dedicated to manage hydrostatic drives. In addition, the company has introduced the JVM-104 operator module suitable for a temperature range from -20 °C to +65 °C. Both devices feature CAN connectivity.

The JXM-TX5 hydrostatic drive control unit (left) and the JVM-104 operator panel (right) are suitable for outdoor applications
THE HOST CONTROLLER COMES IN AN IP68-rated housing. It is specified for temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. The hydrostatic drive controller is equipped with two CAN itnerfaces. One runs the J1939 protocol and the other supports CANopen. The controller running permanently in eco mode reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission. The configurable controller can be optimized for different drive scenarios, e.g. full-loaded starting on inclines. Via the CAN network ABS braking devices are connectable. The controller’s application software supports a jerk-free acceleration and deceleration.
The German company has also developed a 3,5-inch TFT display with LED backlight. The operator device running Windows CE is equipped with for keys. Optionally the CAN-connectable module comes with two multi-functional inputs and four PWM outputs. USB and Ethernet ports are also optional.

Bruno Dörig, managing Jetter’s office in China: “We are seeing great potential in China both in industrial and in mobile automation, and are convinced that Jetter’s innovative products will quickly find their buyers here.”


Recently, Jetter has established a branch office in Shanghai (China), which is managed by Bruno Dörig. The Chinese office will provide customer advice, sales and order processing as well as technical support locally.

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