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DIN-rail mountable Linux processor with CANopen connectivity

The μCAN.4.cpu-Snap Linux processor for DIN-rail mounting will be presented by Microcontrol at the Sensor + Test 2012 in Nuremberg. Among others, the device provides a CAN interface with adequate drivers for CANopen and SAE J1939 protocols.

(Photo: Microcontrol)

THE UNIT IS ABLE TO COMMUNICATE VIA a galvanically isolated CAN connection, an Ethernet, and two serial EIA-232 interfaces. It is equipped with a 192-MHz ARM9 micro-controller. A 32-MiB Flash memory as well as a 32-MiB RAM are available for the pre-installed Linux operating system. An internal MicroSD slot may extend device’s capacity. Due to its battery-backed real-time clock the module is applicable independent from an external time-server. Having a width of 22,5 mm, the module is suitable for control cabinet applications. and may be combined with all modules from the MicroControl μCAN-Snap family via an integrated back plane bus.

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