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Host-controller with touch-screen

MKT Systemtechnik (Germany), a long-term CiA member, has launched a CANopen host-controller integrating a 3,5- or 7-inch touch-screen. The CANopen interface provides NMT master functionality and implements the Codesys 3.5 PLC software.

THE COMBINATION OF HUMAN MACHINE interface with touch-screen and host controller comes with a CANopen NMT master/slave interface. The company provides also CANopen I/O modules with 8 digital ports in compact housings (100 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm). They are CiA 401 compliant. Optionally, the IEC 61131-3 programmable device provides an additional Ethercat master implementation. “The product running Codesys 3.5 has attracted some attention,” said Horst Habermann, CEO of MKT. “The CANopen interface provides a true CANopen NMT master functionality.” The additional Ethernet interface is used to connect the Codesys programming tool. In addition, the controller features USB and EIA 232 ports as well as an interface for optical encoders.
The product is equipped with 532-MHz ARM-11 processor. Locally are available a 128-MiB DDR2-SDRAM, a 32-MiB NOR flash-memory, and optionally a 1-GiB NAND flash-memory. The memory is extendable by means of SD-cards. The IP65-rated devices (front-side) are specified for operating temperatures from -20°C to +65°C. Optionally they are equipped with a keypad. The controller is also available as stand-alone device without screen.
Since several years, the company manufactures HMIs (UPT series) including hand-held terminals (HBG series) with CANopen NMT slave interfaces. They use the CANopen protocol stack from Systec featuring one TPDO and three RPDOs. Additionally, the products provide two SDO clients and two SDO servers. After configuration a DCF is generated, which can be directly read into a Codesys program. The HMI devices are programmable using a tool downloadable from the manufacturer’s website.

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