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Reference platform for Qseven modules

MSC (Germany) has launched the second generation of Qseven platforms. The Q7-MB-RP2 carrier board is compliant with the Qseven specification 1.2 and provides all specified pin functions including the CAN interface signals.

THE CARRIER-BOARD IS SUITABLE FOR TESTING qualifying Qseven modules, which measures 70 mm x 70 mm. It even can be used to double-check the conformity of such modules. The CAN interface (CAN-TX and CAN-RX) are connected to the on-board CAN transceiver. The 5-pin connector on the carrier-board allows direct access to the CAN network. The evaluation board provides four PCI Express slots, one Mini-PCI Express slot and one MMC/SD socket. In addition, there are one ADD2 slot for SDVO/DP/HDMI, two SATA connectors and two Super-I/O (Winbond/SMSC) connectors.
The company provides a broad range of Qseven modules. They are equipped with the Z510 or Z530 Atom processors by Intel. The first Qseven moduls by MSC, which come with a CAN interface is the Q7-TCTC-FD equipped with the E6x0. The company provides also Qseven modules with ARM-based micro-controllers. The first products have been already introduced: One implements the Tegra 290 (Cortex-A9) by NVidia, and another the Integra C6A8167 (Cortex-A8) by Texas Instruments (TI).