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On the road: CANopen products travel through China

Schneider Electric (China) has equipped a truck with its industrial automation products and travels through the Middle Kingdom. At ten stops, the French enterprise provides lectures and demonstrates its products. In particular, PLCs and electrical drives with CANopen interfaces are shown.

Going into truck: At ten stops, Chinese engineers have the possibility to learn more about Schneider’s CANopen products Coming closer: Looking at the CANopen products
is intended

THE SHOWN CANOPEN PRODUCTS INCLUDE PLCs (Modicon), electrical drives (Altivar) and motion controllers (Lexium) as well as I/O modules and human machine interfaces. They are part of the MachineStruxure initiative introduced by Schneider Electric. Based on tested, validated and documented architectures, MachineStruxure incorporates flexible and scalable hardware platforms with SoMachine, a software suite with application function block libraries. In the back-end, the programming is based on the Codesys programming environment, which complies with IEC 61131-3 languages. CANopen details are hidden by this integration platform. The presentations include application examples, general information, and some detailed CANopen introduction. At some stops, CiA representatives speak about CANopen basics and further developments. This includes the CAN FD protocol and the options to save energy. Energy efficiency is a strategic topic for the French company (EcoStruxure initiative).
The next stops are in Dongguan (Oct. 12), Shenzhen (Oct. 16), Xiamen (Oct. 19), Wuhan (Oct. 25), Wenzhou (Nov. 6), and Changzhou (Dec. 4). The reported application examples include in particular packaging machines equipped with CANopen products. The WSD-MB series of tray shrink packing machines by Guangzhou Vanta Packaging Machinery (China) is equipped with LMX32 motion controllers. An additional success story is a linear labeling machine. Besides CANopen, some motion controllers support the proprietary CANmotion protocol. Using CANopen communication allows integrating also third-party products such as encoders, etc. Schneider Electric (China) recommends CANopen for mid-range embedded machine control systems. A typical PLC for these applications is the Modicon 238, which embeds a CANopen master.

Touching allowed: Also Chinese engineers like to play with the exhibited products Lucky draw: The CANopen book in Chinese language
as give-away

Providing information: The presenter explains in detail the shown CANopen products and answers the questions Taking pictures: It was allowed to shoot
a photo of the CANopen products