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Control and I/O functions in one controller

Eckelmann (Germany) combines its CNC motion controller with customer-optimized I/O functions in a platform for CNC applications. The E°EXC 880 will be presented for the first time at the SPS IPC Drives 2013.

IN THE EMBEDDED CONTROLLER, control and I/O functions are integrated as a complete solution in a single housing (252,5 mm x 128 mm x 42 mm). In terms of interfaces, the basic version of the controller is equipped with two galvanically isolated CAN interfaces, one Ethercat master, serial interfaces (one RS 232, one RS 422, one RS 485/RS 422 switchable), 20 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, as well as four analog inputs and four analog outputs. In addition to the proprietary CNC, the controller has an integrated PLC programmable with Codesys V3.

The CNC core comes with a range of commands and offers functions such as reverse travel and restart on contour or tangential tracking. As the CNC core was developed by the company, the control of all functionalities is given and custom CNC functions can be added. If mechanical engineers have specific requirements, such as a special I/O constellation with high-current outputs or a large number of inputs and outputs (big I/O), the controller can be customized as regards purely functional modifications, interfaces and design.