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Control units with CANopen Safety

The HY-TTC 500 product family that TTControl (Austria) presented at the Agritechnica is a series of programmable controllers with a dual-core ARM Cortex-R4 lockstep processor. The devices offer CANopen Safety for safe data communication with CAN.

THE MAJORITY OF RUN-TIME TEST  that is needed to achieve the diagnostic coverage required for SIL-2 / PL-d is performed in hardware by the dual-core lockstep CPU and its safety companion. Therefore almost the full processor power is available for the application. The available memory protection mechanisms allow to execute safety and non-safety software on the same ECU without interference. The validation of non-safe software is therefore no longer necessary.

Safe data communication is achieved by the standardized CANopen Safety protocol. In case of safety-relevant failure outputs can be shut-off in three groups allowing limp-home functionality. The controllers feature up to seven CAN interfaces for individual network architecture and maximum data throughput with up to 1 Mbit/s, as well as automatic bit-rate detection and configurable termination for CAN.

The controllers come in a housing suited for harsh environments; they fulfill safety requirements up to SIL-2 (IEC 61508) / PL-d (ISO 13849) and can be programmed either in C or in Codesys. The safety certified Codesys Safety SIL-2 speeds up application validation. The I/O set with various configuration options makes the controllers suitable for a range of applications: For example, a group of eight I/O pins can be individually configured for use as voltage output, digital output or analog input. Another usecase is to build up a centralized architecture using one controller for the whole vehicle. Commissioning time can be improved by using Ethernet for download and debugging purposes. The controller will be available in two variants, HY-TTC 540 and HY-TTC 580, with different I/O sets and interfaces to meet different requirements.

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