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Controllers for automation of mobile machines

Moba (Germany) has introduced the MPC-113 and MSC-113, which are controllers that offer a solution for the automation of mobile machines. Both come with one or two CAN networks.

The controllers MSC-113 (left) and MPC-113 (Photo: Moba)

THE HOST CONTROLLER MPC-113 IS PROGRAMMABLE IN C and Codesys. Additionally, both the inputs and outputs are also individually configurable. Because of its design and two channels that are independent of one another, the product meets the safety requirements for PL-d Category 3 and complies with EN 13849. The controller has two CAN interfaces. Whether for smaller or larger quantities, the ECU is for safety-related applications, such as controlling telescopic-boom cranes.

As an I/O module, the MSC-113 serves the purpose of increasing the inputs and outputs. The product can also be integrated in the machine architecture via a
CAN interface. With the master-slave combination of MPC-113 and MSC-113,
the amount of cabling can also be reduced.

The IP67-rated products can be utilized in mobile machines. Their electronic components are encapsulated, and thus protected against environmental influences such as heat, moisture, vibration or dust. They will be presented at the Apex trade fair in Amsterdam from 24th June to 26th June.

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