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Controllers with 32 integrated I/Os

B&R (Austria) has expanded the X20 system to include a series of compact controllers with integrated I/Os. Additional I/O modules can be connected either locally or remotely using cables.

In both performance classes of the controller, integrated CAN interfaces are available (Photo: B&R)

THE CPUSs ARE OFFERED IN VARIOUS TYPES with different levels of performance and features. Each of these systems comes equipped with an x86 processor as standard feature. The controllers are available with processor performance clocked at 200 MHz and 400 MHz. Depending on the variant, there is up to 256 MiB RAM and 16 KiB nonvolatile onboard RAM. A built-in flash drive with up to 4 GiB is available for application and data storage. All CPUs are equipped with Ethernet, USB and one EIA-232 interface. In both performance classes, integrated CAN interfaces are also available. If additional fieldbus connections are needed, all CPUs can be upgraded with an interface module from the standard X20 product portfolio.

The CPUs do not require fans or batteries. 30 different digital inputs and outputs and two analog inputs are integrated in the devices. The CPU product range is complemented by two variants with Reaction technology. With this technology, the integrated I/O channels can be controlled with response times down to 1 µs using a function block library. The technology works independently of the CPU and reduces the load placed on it. The program can include the high-speed I/O on the controller and all other integrated I/O channels. Programming using the standard FBD editor in the company’s Automation Studio development environment is compliant with IEC 61131.

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