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CAN-based sensitive cockpit panel simplifies machine control

Motometer introduced the Sensitive Cockpit panel working with the multi-touch projected capacitance technology. The touch-sensitive surface enables a free arrangement of operating elements. The device is space-saving and has a modern view. The touch pad can be connected with a CAN-based display such as Motocandis for clear and intuitive menu navigation.

BY MEANS OF THE DEVICE complex machine cycles may be demonstrated. Elements, which are necessary but not always in use, may be reduced or clustered. OEMs may define their specific layout and functions. This minimizes error sources and limitations of the operator. The panel may be integrated in the main power supply via CAN. A front panel made of glass offers protection against mechanical, chemical and biological impacts.

The sensitive cockpit technology is based on sensors in a glass operating area, which build a condenser. A voltage signal creates an electrical area, which will be changed by the touch of the finger. This change realizes an exact positioning of the finger and builds the base for the projected capacitance technology. Orientation on the operating module is given by printed symbols on the bottom side of the transparent surface and by engravings.

2012 the company celebrates the 100 years jubilee. Since 1912 Motometer has a permanent place in the automotive sector offering products in the sector display equipment, sensors and body electronics.

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