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Box-PC features two CAN ports

The Leanbox by Syslogic (Switzerland) has been designed-in in several embedded machine control systems. It provides two CAN interfaces as well as Ethernet and USB connectivity. There are no moving parts. Even the 1,44-MiB solid-state drive doesn’t require any cooling.

THE HOST CONTROLLER IS ALREADY USED in high-volume applications, which leads to reasonable prices, promised the Swiss manufacturer. Florian Egger from Syslogic, stated: ”If our customers buying the Leanbox they benefit from the reliability, durability and long-term availability of European systems, as well as an outstanding price-performance-ratio.” Besides the above-mentioned interfaces, the product is equipped with up to EiA-232 ports and one optional parallel printer port. The CAN interfaces are realized by means of the SJA1000 stand-alone controller by NXP. The isolated interfaces uses 9-pin D-sub connectors.
The Box-PC is based on the Geode LX700 microprocessor by AMD. In order to equip additional peripherals, it provides a PC/104 slot. The device is available with Linux, MS-DOS, or Windows-CE operating systems. It can also be adapted to several embedded operating systems. The 700-g box features a 128-MiB SDRAM and cache memories each with a capacity of 128 KiB. The IP20-rated product measures 164 mm x 48 mm x 152 mm fitting even in small machines. The operating temperature is specified from 0 °C to +55 °C.

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