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PLC control system with CANopen communication

The PSSuniversal PLC control systems by Pilz (Germany) can now communicate via CANopen, Ethercat, and other networks. As a result, users of these communication protocols can use the control systems in their existing networks.

THIS WAY THE SAFETYSOLUTION CAN BE STANDARDIZED: the safety architecture can be created irrespective of the higher level plant control system, and if necessary can be transferred to other plants. Machine builders, whose systems are used in a variety of industries or markets, will benefit from this in particular. The system can be used to achieve standard and safety as a PLC control system or as a decentralized periphery system.
The control system can be connected to Ethercat and CANopen networks via two different gateways. The engineering work involved in setting up the communication connection is minimal. Thanks to fixed, predefined mapping, no further device configuration is required by the user. The device offers transmission rates of 10 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s.

The control systems are configured using the graphics Program Editor PASmulti – the PLC programming is created via the editors PAS STL (Structured Text) or PAS IL (Instruction List) in accordance with EN/IEC 61131-3.

The control systems are the "all-rounders" in the Pilz automation system PSS 4000. They are open, so they can be integrated into existing automation architectures and connected to various third-party control systems. And they can be used as a PLC control system or periphery system – for both safety and standard. The hardware in the automation supports a wide range of communication networks: CANopen, Ethercat, and Modbus TCP among others.

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