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Seed monitor with row cut-off system

At the Agritechnica 2013, Monosem (France) presented their CS 6200-24 seed monitor. It enables row cut-off by GPS. The device is “Isobus-UT” (Universal Terminal) capable.

THIS SYSTEM, INTRODUCED AT THE FAIR IN HANOVER, is based on electromagnetic row cut-offs mounted on each metering unit and on the monitor controlling the row cut-off activation. It integrates different applications that can be activated individually by buying the corresponding licenses. The terminal can, as an option, be an Isobus-UT. This makes controlling other tools with the same terminal possible, if they are compatible with the ISO 11783 communication protocol.

The Section-Control option enables the automatic row cut-off by GPS at the end and on the sides of the fields, which avoids unnecessary overlapping. It also economizes seeds and avoids plant competition. This option includes the Headland-Control management, which enables working the field edges at the beginning or at the end of the planting operation.

The device is also equipped with the guiding bar on the Track-Leader terminal, which can be used for other operations. An external LED guiding bar can be added as an option which further improves the ergonomics.

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