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CANopen control unit with IO-Link master

The CECC CANopen controller by Festo (Germany) comes with an IO-Link master interface. The device with NMT master functionality implements the Codesys PLC software by 3S (Germany).

THE CONTROL UNIT IS SUITABLE for small-scale automation applications with limited I/O requirements. It can handle different electric and pneumatic automation tasks. The IO-Link master interface provides four channels, which enables diagnostics down to the I/O connection point for troubleshooting. The controller manufacturer offers ready-to-install valve terminals for the IO-Link interface. Further sensors and actuators will be added to the range for this type of connection in the coming months. Third-party devices that conform to the IO-Link standard (IEC 61131-9) can also be actuated.
Parameterization of the I/O point can be done centrally during commissioning by means for the Codesys development tool. The CANopen is used to communicate with the provider’s electric drives and valve terminals. Of course, third-party CANopen devices can be added as well.

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