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Single board computer for mobile communication

At the Embedded World, Pironex (Germany) showcased the PIA-AM3505. It is a single board computer based on ARM Cortex A8 architecture enclosed in an industry top-hat rail housing that features CANopen.

The single board computer can control several Energybus chargers (Photo: Pironex)

THE COMPUTER'S COMBINATION OF PERFORMANCE and high power efficiency makes it suitable for mobile communication as well as stationary controller applications. Due to its size, it can be a solution, when there is not enough space for a full-sized PC system. It’s board size is 96,2 mm x 99 mm and the temperature range is -10 °C to +70 °C.

In addition to Ethernet, RS485 and USB, the computer allows data exchange via a CAN network. It comes with an isolated CAN interface and features CANopen. Additional features such as Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, LCD displays, cameras, I/O-Ports can be added via customer-specific expansion boards. The sustainability of the system is underlined through the use of state of the art operating systems (embedded Linux, Windows CE and Android). In addition to interpreters for Python, Perl, and Ruby, the product comes with an open-source Linux based C/C++ cross compiler SDK for native application development. Since the board computer is based on the Beagle-/Craneboard designs, there is a supporting open-source development community. Another product from the company is the piCAN-EB-Charger, which is an Energybus charger for lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. An internal CAN system allows the control of several chargers through the host computer described above. This CAN network also supports power and door management (electronic door-opener support) and permits determining and transmitting the charger’s parameters via the Internet.

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