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Special purpose ECU based on CANopen

The Intelligent Vehicle System (IVS) based on CANopen is a special purpose designed ECU (Electronic Control Unit). It was developed by ITS & Instrumentation Limited (UK) with add-on applications for emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, etc.

THE SYSTEM INCLUDES THE DESIGN of an In-Vehicle Network (IVN) Gateway, which interfaces the in-vehicle network of a car. The implemented CiA 447 profile supports the in-vehicle network control of emergency vehicles, taxi, handicapped vehicles and includes additional functionalities such as the self-diagnostics and self-learning algorithm.

The system allows the user to control in-vehicle functions such as: exterior emergency lights, engine control, and interior car controls and data logger. The special feature of this ECU is called “Fault Diagnostics”. Those can detect a sudden failure of an ECU on the road, automatically identify the source of the failure and notify the user. The ECU will re-start its functions immediately when the failure is detected and is able to manipulate the error control mechanism according to the CANopen protocol.

Due to the implementation of the specially designed software algorithm based on the CANopen protocol, the above system automatically provides reduced power consumption when it is not in its operational mode. Thus, a driver does not need to charge a car’s battery for a much longer time.

The start-up company develops CAN gateway modules for all CANopen application profiles (master and slave devices with self-diagnostics) and provides the integrated solution (the complete package) of the hardware and software based on the CANopen protocol. They provide the installation, test and practical implementation of the complete system on a real vehicle for its permanent use on the road. They also provide total service support for any user (for a driver, a car manufacturer, a vehicle integrator, and a vehicle converter).

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