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Touch screen panels with built-in PLC

B&R (Austria) has added the Power Panel C70 controller to its Power Panel HMI family. The controller manages to achieves cycle times of 1 ms.

  Comes with an optional CAN interface (Photo: B&R)

THE CONTROLLER IS EQUIPPED WITH A 333-MHz INTEL ATOM CPU, 256-MiB DDRAM, 16-KiB FRAM and 2-GiB onboard flash EEPROM memory. The panel provides a built-in touch screen and is being offered in three display sizes ranging from 5,7 inch to 10,1 inch. In addition to achieving cycle times as low as 1 ms (Automation Runtime, which provides up to eight task classes, is the basis for this), the controller also features Powerlink and standard Ethernet, two USB 2.0 and X2X Link technology, as well as optional CAN, EIA 232, and EIA 485 connections.

All devices of this series have a touch button integrated just outside the monitor in the lower right corner of the panel overlay. This element can be integrated in the visualization application, which makes it easy to switch between device series without having to make any changes to the application. This series has a minimal installation depth and a cable outlet arrangement that makes these panels easy-to-mount. Because this series does not have hard disks, fans or batteries, it is completely maintenance-free. The panel front provides IP65 protection, which makes the system suitable for hygienic applications.

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