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Waterproof controller with CANopen and J1939

MRS Electronic (Germany) has expanded its portfolio of products with the waterproofed M2600 ECO CAN PLC, a freely programmable controller. Through the integrated CAN network, the module is able to read, process and write CAN messages. The module has the capability to communicate with CAN high- or low-speed, CANopen and J1939.

THE THREE QUAD-HIGH-SIDE DRIVERS with up to 12 digital outputs can switch currents up to 2,5 A permanently at 85 °C ambient temperature. A current controlled pulse-width modulation on eight outputs allows the control of proportional valves. The usage of an integrated freewheeling makes an external fly-back diode unnecessary. With eight analog and six digital inputs the device can control both machines and vehicles as a stand-alone module. It can be used as an input / output module, too. Due to the CAN- bootloader the software can be flashed while the module is still mounted in a machine or vehicle. The low standby current makes the controller an option for mobile applications.

With the supply voltage range of 9 V to 30 V and the waterproof metal housing it can be used in construction machinery, motor vehicles and utility vehicles as well as in mechanical engineering sector. The basis of the M2600 ECO CAN PLC is the M2600 CAN PLC with the addition of a solid aluminum housing, which has already been field approved as a controller for a special winch in the forestry sector. The operation temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C enables a variety of applications without climate control. The controller can be programmed graphically or in more complex functions in the programming language „C“. Thanks to its graphical programmability the module can be programmed with complex control operations after some training.