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Mobile diagnostics from a single source

RM Michaelides (Germany) has developed a combination of their Dashboard visualization software with the wireless CAN interface CANlink WLAN. The combination provides error diagnosis from a single source.

The software offers automatic CAN message filtering (Photo: RM Michaelides)

CANLINK WLAN IS ONE INTERFACE POSSIBILITY between machine and software. It links CAN networks and can turn smartphones into a remote control. Connections to PCs or laptops are also possible, in the same way that smartphones and tablets can be connected with Android or iOS operating systems. As a wireless interface, CANlink WLAN can also connect two remote CAN networks. The diagnostic interface is suited for mobile applications in harsh environments: it is dust- and waterproof and operates at a temperature range of -40 °C to +75 °C. Data can be transmitted up to a distance of 400 m and is encrypted. Transmission is carried out in accordance with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n. Data protocols are available in TCP or UDP. CAN data can be transmitted or made available within a network via Internet using a router. The gateway features two different operating modes, the infrastructure-mode and the ad-hoc-mode. The infrastructure-mode connects data via WLAN access point, often part of a company’s IT-infrastructure. Ad-hoc-mode on the other hand provides direct PC or laptop access by means of an integrated WLAN interface or a second CANlink WLAN device. In this way the device can be utilized as a CAN diagnostic interface.

The Dashboard software visualizes various data, such as operating hours, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine speed, or velocity. Individual configuration is only possible with the full PC version, which includes numeric displays, gauges, and bar and line charts. These can be arranged according to the user’s needs and adapted in size or appearance. The software is available as a full version, installation-free download, or Android app. The installation-free version and the Android app are designed as a display tool - for servicing purposes only. To prevent unauthorized tampering, display configuration is not possible. All versions include the same basic data representation. The software records real-time diagnostic sessions, and the software’s playback feature enables recorded data analyses.

Combining the software with the diagnostic interface provides the following features: remote device access, independent of location and weather (safe during hazardous weather), protection of intellectual property, and improved service. Since service technicians must be specially trained, the combination simplifies troubleshooting and repair. In addition, the service technician attains more mobility thanks to the wireless connection – the diagnosis can be made completely independent of the device location.

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