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Option card adds interface

Red Lion’s (US) XCCN is an option card for the company’s Data Station Plus and modular controller series. The card adds a CANopen communication port to the series.

CANopen option card(Photo: Red Lion)

THIS ISOLATED CARD PROTECTS USER EQUIPMENT from potentially harmful ground loops while providing the ability to communicate with any high-speed CANopen device. The option card has a termination resistor built-in, which is selectable via a jumper setting. Additionally, its connector is pluggable for removal of the modular controller master or Data Station Plus from the CANopen network without disturbing communication with other devices on the bus. The communication card is installed by removing the blank expansion port cover of the user’s modular controller or Data Station Plus and plugging the XCCN card into the expansion port. For the configuration the user can use the company’s free Crimson 2.0 software.

While the modular controller series offers a solution to integrate multi-zone PID controls, data acquisition and I/O into the user’s PC, DCS, or PLC control system, the Data Station Plus was designed to act as a nexus for industrial data collection and management.

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