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CAN to analog output

Racelogic’s (UK) DAC01 CAN to analog output module is designed to convert CAN data into voltage and digital output. In this way it is possible to log data from a CAN network with data logging equipment not incorporating a CAN interface.

The module offers seven digital outputs (Photo: Racelogic)

THE MODULE HAS BEEN RELEASED AS PART OF THE COMPANY'S V-Box brand. Four analog voltage outputs are available and these can be mapped using the configuration software to output any CAN parameter. An example might be throttle position data read from CAN and converted into a 0-V to 10-V signal to drive a gauge in the vehicle. The module offers bit-rates of 250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s, and 1 Mbit/s. It is also equipped with seven digital outputs, of which four can be set as frequency generators. A possible use for this module is to take parameters measured by the VBOX (for example Longacc, Latacc, vertical velocity, distance etc.) and allow them to be logged by another data logger using analog input channels. The module can also be used as a standalone unit for converting vehicle CAN signals for use with third party data acquisition systems.

The module offers seven digital outputs (Photo: Racelogic)

Any channel can be converted into analog, including CAN parameters on the vehicle, and any output from the V-Box input modules (analog, thermocouple, ABS etc). These channels can then be scaled within the V-Box Tools software suite to represent real-world values.

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