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J1939 & OBDII interface

Connecting PCs with on-board computers

Kvaser (Sweden) has announced application-specific versions of its Leaf Light version 2 interface. In addition to a bare board version for embedded applications, tailored versions of the interface for automotive and commercial vehicle diagnostic applications are available.

Leaf Light v2 CB is the bare circuit board version of the Leaf Light v2 interface (Photo: Kvaser)

LEAF LIGHT V2 OBDII PROVIDES A WAY OF CONNECTING A PC with the on-board computer in a vehicle by means of its USB 2.0 connector and a 16-pin OBDII-compliant CAN connector. Meanwhile, the Leaf Light HS v2 J1939-13’s USB 2.0 connector and 9-pin J1939-13 compliant CAN connector suits commercial vehicle diagnostic applications. Leaf Light v2 CB, a bare circuit board version of the Leaf Light v2 interface, is suitable for embedded applications. All interfaces offer bit-rates of 40 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s.

The product series provides tools that connect any CAN network to a PC or mobile computer in applications as wide ranging as automotive, mining, marine, military, oil and gas exploration, military, industrial and heavy machinery. All products of the series support high speed USB and can send up to 8000 messages per second, each time-stamped with 100 microsecond accuracy. Galvanic isolation, previously a more expensive option of the original Leaf Light, now comes as standard, enhancing protection from power surges or electrical shocks. The interfaces also offer a current consumption of 70 mA, reducing the power drain from laptops.

Leaf Light v2 CB is the bare circuit board version of the Leaf Light v2 interface (Photo: Kvaser)

Used with the CANlib library, which can be downloaded fro free from the company’s website, the series provides application programmers with access to the CAN network. The software, which can be used across the company’s product portfolio, enables hardware initialization, bus on/off, setting of bus parameters and buffers, as well as read/write commands. The Leaf Light v2 OBDII, J1939-13 and CB versions are available now with free software, free software updates and free support.

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