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CAN gateway

12 CAN-controlled outputs

The CAN-Power-Gateway-Pro by Peter Systemtechnik (Germany) is a control device linking controlled devices and actors with a CAN network. It is able to transmit any number of CAN messages to up to 12 outputs as a power control signal and it is CANopen compatible.

(Photo: Peter Systemtechnik)

THE GATEWAY HAS 12 OUTPUTS, WHICH CAN BE CONTROLLED via CAN messages. The outputs are configurable, enabling applications for automotive and industrial technology - even those for which proprietary solutions are as yet unavailable - to be realized. Alternatively, up to 6 connections can be configured as a PWM output and a further connection as a pulsed output for quasi-analog signals (e.g. speed or route signals). The EIA-232 interface permits configuration to be performed on a PC and enables serial use settings to be read and copied.

The gateway supports data rates up to 1 Mbit/s. It has an automatic power down and wake-up function and offers protection against undervoltage and overvoltage in vehicles. The device is short-circuit-proof and reverse polarity protected and has an extended input voltage range up to 24 V as well as E1 type approval.

Possible applications include the CAN connection of vehicle accessories, diagnosis and testing of specific CAN message content, CAN signal outputs in industrial plants, wheel impulse generators, analog instrument control (pressure / temperature displays), drive controllers, and discrete output of selected CAN object content for special applications.

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