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CAN-USB gateway

Software and ECU interface over CAN

ATI (US) has announced a CAN interface for ATI hardware and other CAN devices to its Vision calibration and data acquisition software and to ECUs. The pocket-sized CANary interface module provides two CAN channels.

The device connects to CAN hardware via a DB9-M connector (Photo: ATI)

THE CAN CHANNELS ENABLE SYNCHRONOUS DATA acquisition communication via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection to the CAN network. For some users, the module can replace the Vision network hub for interfacing and managing CAN devices to the calibration and data acquisition software for applications not requiring data logging on the interface device. The module can also connect to electronic control units, resulting in an ECU interface over CAN. In addition to the increased throughput, the module’s size allows it to fit in the smallest of places in the vehicle: It measures 38 mm x 64,2 mm x 20,4 mm, comes in an IP40 plastic enclosure, and weighs 28,3 g. The module offers a temperature range from -40 °C to 85 °C.

The CANary accommodates all of the company’s CAN data acquisition devices, such as the EMX series data acquisition devices, and other third party XCP or CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol) devices. Setting up the module is simple: the software automatically adjusts the properties for each CAN channel. After hardware setup, additional CAN parameters, such as the CAN data-rate, can also be adjusted.

Calibration and data acquisition software

The Vision software supports calibration, collection, analysis of internal and external data, and flashing of the ECU throughout development. In addition to the range of interfaces and test components, it can be customized to adapt the tool to specific needs. It can perform multiple tests or functions at once, automate repetitive functions, and offers an in-depth analysis tools to accelerate the development process.

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