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Remote diagnostics reduce travelling

Proemion (Germany) has presented the CANlink mobile, which lets users diagnose a vehicle or machine from a remote location without being there. It features CAN connectivity.

(Photo: Proemion)

REDUCING OR EVEN AVOIDING MAINTENANCE-RELATED travel expenses is the dream for service technicians and entrepreneurs. The latest Proemion diagnostic tool, which can be seen at this year’s SPS IPC drives, realizes remote diagnostic services. With these, a technician, for example situated in Germany, is able to diagnose a vehicle or a machine at a remote location such as Brazil, without being on-site. Machine data can be viewed and edited in real time from a PC. Critical machine conditions can be detected early on from great distances in a timely manner, avoiding downtimes. If a replacement part is needed, technicians can arrive at the location with the correct part. They can immediately begin repairs since the error has already been found.

"CAN data real-time transmission is revolutionary and provides an entirely new perspective for diagnostics", said Robert Michaelides, CEO of telematics provider Proemion, as he demonstrates the innovations at hand.

The tool for remote diagnostics (telematics) consisting of a wireless CAN modem and visualization software was developed especially for developers, service technicians and vehicle and machine manufacturers. Operating and diagnostic data are transmitted in real time. CAN messages are transmitted via Wi-Fi technologies (GSM, UMTS) or the Internet. GPS positioning, Glonass and Beidou monitoring systems are integrated into the modem.

CAN data is logged, facilitating retrospective error analysis. A visualization software provides PC configuration. Thus, operating hours, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine speed, velocity, fuel consumption, and other user data can be displayed. Numeric displays, gauges, bar diagrams, and line charts can be arranged and adapted in size and appearance. A tablet, laptop, or mobile phone can serve as a dashboard.

The CANlink mobile IP65 version, designed for applications in harsh environments, was developed by RM Michaelides, a member of the group to which Proemion belongs. The modern web-based diagnostic tool from Proemion facilitates management of vehicle fleets and machine park monitoring. They can be implemented in diverse areas of application, such as construction and agricultural machinery, material handling, cranes, railway vehicles, ships, and airplanes.

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