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Communication controller

Two interfaces for CAN FD

With the PXI 6153 FD interface, Goepel Electronics offers a communication controller for CAN FD. In addition to the release of the PXI version in November 2014, a PCI version will be available shortly after.

(Photo: Goepel)

THE PXI 6153 FD OFFERS THE USER TWO SEPERATE CAN FD communication interfaces, which support all operating modes of the latest Bosch standards for CAN FD. These include the possibility to increase data payload up to 64 data bytes as well as the bit-rate up to 5 Mbit/s (at the moment). The transceiver components are managed through a pluggable array, which ensures the configurability of the hardware for the respective application. All high-speed transceivers for CAN FD applications will be available after the series production launch, including TJA 1044, TJA 1057, and TJA 1145.

The generation of user programs is facilitated by library functions of the onboard software. Access to these onboard functions is realized through a Windows API, respectively through a Labview driver library based on the regular API. The included hardware explorer simplifies installation and implementation of the module in user configurations by enabling direct hardware access via its user interface using the API functions. With the optional user code interface, self-developed user software (e.g. for time-critical and compute-intensive processes) can be outsourced to the onboard processor and executed under the QNX real-time operating system. Other functions such as residual bus simulation or support of higher protocols like diagnosis, network management, XCP, and Sent are also supported.

Goebel Electronic is a vendor of automotive test solutions – from bus communication, to functional test systems for vehicle control units. The company is headquartered in Jena, Germany and was founded in 1991. It runs service and support offices in the USA, UK, India, and China.

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