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Upgrading systems to CAN FD

To support the CAN FD protocol, the Dspace (UK) product range has been extended in several areas as of Release 2014-B. These extensions include an interface module and non-ISO CAN FD features in various software products.

The interface module supports two CAN FD channels (Photo: Dspace)

THE DS4342 CAN FD INTERFACE MODULE can be used to upgrade systems based on DS1005, DS1006, DS1007, or Micro Auto Box II to support non-ISO CAN FD. It provides two independent CAN channels, each of which can be used for CAN FD or for Classical CAN. Network management functions such as wake-up and sleep are also included. The interface module can be used with the DS4505 Interface Board or various Micro Auto Box II versions. In future, the company has plans to support ISO CAN FD too.

To ensure software support for CAN FD, the implementation software RTI CAN Multi Message Blockset also supports CAN FD. With it, systems can be combined with CAN FD networks. It offers support of the DS4342 CAN FD Interface Module for Micro Auto Box and DS100x-based systems.

The interface module supports two CAN FD channels (Photo: Dspace)

The Bus Navigator of the experiment software Control Desk Next Generation also offers the possibility to manage CAN FD networks as of this release. Changes to the software include CAN FD support for various platforms (DS1005, DS1006, DS1007 and Micro Auto Box II), the Signal Editor's A2L-based stimulation of V-ECUs simulated in VEOS, and video stream recording. The software’s instrumentation now provides a time-based Plotter and can save Python code for changing functionality and appearance of instruments directly in the instruments themselves. These features can be used to create and pass on custom instrument templates and new instruments, such as the included Stopwatch. Moreover, Control Desk 5.3 supports the new Micro Lab Box. For Scalexico-based systems, CAN FD support is planned for 2015.

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