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Profinet gateways

Bi-directional data exchange

With the gateways Profinet-Slave/CAN HD67606-A1 and Profinet-Slave/CANopen HD67607-A1, Wachendorff’s Profinet gateways series enables communication between Profinet and CAN or CANopen.

The HD67606-A1 gateway enables communication between CAN and Profinet (Photo: Wachendorff)

THE HD67606-A1 GATEWAY ENABLES THE COMMUNICATION between CAN devices and a Profinet master. With the SW67607 software, CAN-IDs and data lengths on the CAN side can be defined and afterwards dedicated by every byte on Profinet side. The configuration is available as a file that can be archived and used in other gateways. The configuration software is designed to be intuitive. In addition, a transparent mode is possible in which the data is simply passed.

The Profinet-Slave/CANopen HD67607-A1 gateway enables the communication between CANopen devices and a Profinet master. Configured PDOs and SDOs can be integrated. The gateway can work as an SDO client as well as an SDO server and read and write each. The assignment is done byte by byte in a table. On the same principle, send and receive PDOs (TPDO and RPDOs) can also be configured.

The HD67606-A1 gateway enables communication between CAN and Profinet (Photo: Wachendorff)

The CANopen data volume can amount to 1000 SDO server requests (500 SDOs in read and 500 SDOs in write mode), 512 SDO client requests (256 SDOs in read and 256 SDOs in write mode), and 60 PDOs (30 TPDO und 30 RPDO). Because the gateway is able to bring itself and other CANopen devices into operational mode, it is useable independently from a CANopen master.

Both gateways come with DIN rail mounting and pluggable connector blocks that ensure a fast and safe installation and device wiring. The integrated switch allows a multiline installation. Configuration for the bi-directional data exchange takes place via free software SW67607.

After finishing the configuration, the user generates an XML device description file that is integrated into the Profinet configuration. The operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and the galvanic isolation allow the use of the gateways in different applications. In response to the conversion of many companies from Profibus to Profinet, the German company provides users with solutions to realize the transition.

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