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FPGA chip

For AFDX to CAN solutions

The FPGA chip CS1 by MEN comes with integrated AFDX protocol, which offers an alternative for communication in airplanes. It was designed for the demands of safety-critical avionic applications. It realizes gateway solutions like AFDX to CAN.

(Photo: MEN)

THE FPGA (FIELD PROGRAMMABLE GATE ARRAY) CHIP offers customers the possibility to build AFDX-based communication systems independent of a form factor. The FPGA chip can be installed directly onto the boards of an AFDX end system. It therefore eliminates the need for an additional module to integrate AFDX protocols.

Also available as a PMC module

For evaluation, the PMC module P522 from MEN (Germany) can be used, which is also available as a Cots product and can be used as an alternative to the PMCs already existing on the market. Being an FPGA component, the CS1 allows customization to realize, for example, gateway solutions like AFDX to CAN, AFDX to Standard Ethernet, or AFDX to Arinc 429. Developed according to the Arinc 664P7-1 standard, and in consideration of the specific Airbus and Boeing AFDX requirements, the CS1 can be used in applications of both airplane suppliers.

Thanks to the flash-based architecture with tripled redundant logic, the FPGA chip is prepared for safety-critical demands and is therefore, for example, SEU-resistant (single event upset) and offers real-time capability. The host driver with an Arinc-653 compliant port API (application programming interface) prevents the influence of critical and non-critical applications within one complete system. The up to 255 receive VLs (virtual link) and 64 transmit VLs ensure a safe and deterministic data transfer through determined bandwidths.

The integrated SNMP/ICMP (Simple Network Management Protocol/Internet Control Message Protocol) protocols support the host CPU with the network management, therefore providing more performance on the CPU. The independency on one airplane supplier or form factor plus the flexible modification for customer’s wishes, make the CS1, and the appropriate PMC module P522, suitable for avionic applications.

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