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Agritechnica 2015

Isobus connector

At the Agritechnica, Erich Jaeger will exhibit its Isobus Breakaway Connector (IBBC). The connector is based on Isobus technology and connects towing vehicles and their trailers.

Active: black contact insert; passive: grey contact insert (Photo: Erich Jaeger)

ISOBUS TECHNOLOGY STANDARDIZES communication between tractors, implements, and agricultural (office) software. According to the company, it has brought a product to the production stage with its Isobus connector, which is unique worldwide.

The connector comes with the same locking system for the closed cap and the inserted plug, as well as a quick release mechanism possible through ball locking clamp. If the plug is removed accidentally, the socket is not damaged. A two-part adhesive is used to provide a waterproof seal for the printed circuit board inside the connector. Dispensing with the classic injection molding process means that no hairline cracks can occur or components can be damaged when casting. The cover comes with center alignment for maximum seal in an unmated state. The product provides a radial seal between the connector housing and the contact insert. It will be shown at the Agritechnica fair 2015, which takes place from November 10 to 14 in Hanover.

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